Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Muffin and Cupcake's 3yr Anniversary!

Hello everybody!

Today is mine and cupcakes anniversary! Yes I know what you are all thinking.... We are that special to deserve an anniversary for our friendship, because frankly we are the bestest friends in the whole wide world forever!

Mickey and Becky!

Mickey and Becky again =)

Three lovely ladies! - Mickey, Becky Bennett and Me!

Becky - "Ahh! There's a camera in my face!"

Larissa and Me!

Mickey, Becky and Me!
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Larissa, Becky and Me!

Me and Mickey!

Me and Mickey again!

Larissa and Becky!

Victor eyeing the cameraman up...

*lalala* We're not up to any mischeif!!

Tony - "Oooh! Someone's actually taking a picture of my, better pose my Zoolander pose!"
Victor - "Oi, you didn't see nothing right!"

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Mickey and Me!
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I only put this on up because Becky is in it =)

Me, Becky and... Oh what is Victor doing?

Tony - "Bend over Vic!!!" Victor - "oOoo! Suits you sir!!"

Victor looking very proud of himself! =)

Victor - "You spoilt our fun! Nerrr!" =P

Me and Mickey!


Mickey and Becky

This is one sexy scarf!

Look at me! I am the Queen of the scarfy!

Becky - "Wooo!!! Ninja power!"
Ben is wondering why she's going on about Ninjas...

Becky - "Heehee, I didn't do nothing!"
And Ben still managing to look amazing with a scarf on his head!

Becky - "You wanna mess with me? I'll put a scarf on your head!"

Ben - "Ah shit! Was that a camera going off?!"

We are ninjas!!!


Ben still confused as to why he has a scarf on his head!

Becky - "Raaa! I wanna a bit of that ninja scarf!"

Raaaa! We shall have this scarf...
Victor - "Oi! I gave you that to borrow not eat!"

Me, Mickey and Becky on Mickey's camera phone...

Mickey and Becky

Mickey and Becky

Mickey, Becky Bennett and Me! on Mickey camera phone..


Looking hot here Mickey!

We like holding hands!


Me legs... Hey Becksy maybe you should drink a bit of this?...

It's the end of the night and it's off the Balans for some food! Yay! Where we sit and bitch and mop about men being mean to us! Raaa! It was an emotional night, we shall not mention 'he who should not be named', or what happened... but at least we had fun and we have each other =)

Love you Becky!
Muffin xxx