Friday, 12 October 2007

The Adventures of Muffin and Cupcake Part 4

Did you miss us? Of course you did! It's been what?? Two… three weeks away from you guys? But now it's party time! Well, was party time… I can't party and blog at the same time can I now really? So here we go, mine and Becks first night out in awhile...........

Becky deciding what to wear... aww she's well c
utie, she's like a lil dolly or something!

Looksies at what Auntie Jojo found in her shoe box at Becksy house…. It's Princess! Aww! 

So off we go to our favourite starting place - The white room in Paper! *Yays!* .....

udia, Jesse, Meee and Becky!

Becky and Rob! 

Becky, Cla
udia, Jessica's head and me staring into space! Hahaaha!

Jesse and Rob

When it gets to about 11/12, we switch from white wine and descend on the dance floor in Paper with bottles of vodka  

On the Dance Floor - 

Rob and Victor!

upcake and Muffin!

Becky and Victor!

Becky, Fasani, Jesse and Rob

No more pics mate! Hahaha! I love this pic!

udia in a world of her own! 

uck knows what I'm doing! Haha! 

I tho
ught I'd take a picture for you guys to show ya what it's like in these clubs! See! I think of you guys too man, even when I'm drunk!

These are o
ur dorky poses  (mine espescially haha...) 

I don't care, we can still be c
ute and dorky! 

Alright well I'm not sure what, where, why and how it came about... but suddenly after after dancing to The White Stripes, it was time to leave this ghetto and make our way to Embassy!

utside Paper 

Just a couple more poses before we make our way to Embassy!

In a rickshaw of course! 

After I dropped my brand new coat Becky got me off the rickshaw, I tho
ught I'd take a picture of em for making him stop for me to get it! Hahaha! 

We arrive at Embassy - 

Only to find a man drunk guy getting kicked out! Hahaha! 

Inside Embassy - 

Victor and some hot old g
uy! Haha! 



Check o
ut Mister Fasani! Hot! 

The photographer for Embassy and

Courtesy of

That's me taking a pic of him and whilst he was taking a pic of meee! What f
un! Hahaha!

Becky and the tallest sec
urity guy ever! Haha!

So after Embassy off we go to The Wardour, where unfortunately now for us they've changed their policies and it's now a strip club on fridays and we can't dance on the poles! Noooooooo!

At the end of the night we always head to the hotdog stand right aro
und the corner from The Wardour... And suddenly I find a few tramps asking me to call the ambulance, of course I wonder why??? And surely they point me to face across the road where there is a guy flat on his face unconcious outside Phones4u! 

"Hello, I need an amb
ulance please, there's this guy unconcious, he's at the corner of Berners Street and Oxford Street"

"Hi, co
uld you tell me how old the guy is?"

"Erm he looks mid-twenties I think...I don't really know him..."

"Can yo
u check if he's ok, can you go and ask him?"

So I walk over to him and f
ucking hell, what do I see but a huge fucking pool of blood on the back of his head.

"Hello are yo
u ok? and I nudge him a bit...
"He's not responding and he's got this h
uge injury on the back of his head, he really needs an ambulance now... there's blood everywhere..."

"Ok we'll get on over to yo
u soon"

"Thank yo
u, bye"

And I r
un back over to Becky and the rest of the guys near the hotdog stand and tell her about it....

urely enough she has to come over too and see if he's ok, well he's not man! A couple of the concerned tramps and drunks previously start to come over, even offer their jackets for his head, and a random dude that seems to know the recovery position... which me and Becky were trying to help him put him...

ully the ambulance guys arrive and we find our hand our covered in blood. We got one of them to help wash it off with the medical stuff and leave the NHS to it! We do see him walking to the ambulance, with a little help, but he's doing it by himself, so we know he'll be alright! Thank God!

Who said we don't have weird night or what???

Stay tuned for the videos you guys! I still need to put them up! 

Love ya all!

Jojo x x x 

Friday, 21 September 2007

The Adventures of Muffin and Cupcake Part 3

Firstly let me explain about these leggings! I basically left my normal black ones at Ken's place, so the only other option was pink or neon yellow, thus I chose silver because I was actually wearing some silver accessorises with this outfit! So now we got that out the way, no more laughing! Well about the leggings anyways, I have a feeling the videos will make anyone crack up out loud! Hahaa!

Riiiiight at the start of the night! We've just finished getting ready! *lalala* 

In Paper -

Vicky, Becky and Meeee!

Cupcake and Muffin!

In the toliets at Paper doing our make-up! Hahaa! And posing too! 

I love that Becks is on her phone and is taking a picture and posing all at the same time! I knew she had talent! Hahaha!!


I seriously don't know what's going on with my leg right there! Haha!

Vicks, Becks and Mee! 

Vicky and Me 

Becky and Boy Boy!

Ok so this is what I'm talking about, if you remember in an earlier blogs you will realize how these rickshaw pics just gets more extensive and we even have a video for you guys at the end, check it out! –

This is the girls (4) crammed on a rickshaw (only 3 passengers allowed normally, but coz we're special!) *lalala* Poor Lana had to sit on our laps!

Becky on the phone to Victor :- "Yea we're on a way to Stringfellows now... hold on they're taking pics, I've gotta pose" Hahaa!

And after Strings it's on to Wardour where they actually do let us dance on the poles! ...In another rickshaw of course! Well this time two of 'em! Hahaa! 

My once again, super happy duper face! 

Becky, Mee and Lana! 

Rickshaw races! Lookie we were winning!

But damn yous Vicky and Victor and random dude! They over took us! Raaa!You've beaten us this time!! But we will win the war! Raaa!!

*lallaa!* Yes we're actually like this when we go out! I was in shock when I first saw this video, but what-the-fuck-ever man! Hahaa! 

Just before arriving at Wardour we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show off our sexy legs!

Inside Wardour -

Check out this ever so sexy video of Becky pole dancing!  Hahaa! I love the start of it though! Firstly me saying no to some guy for a lapdance and then the camera descending below to down underneath Vicky's skirt! 

So apparently at this time I thought it would be a good idea to have a nap in The Wardour and I was out cold for an hour and a bit. Wardour staff trying to throw me out every 20mins while everyone is either trying to wake me up, feeding me more drink or taking pictures of me or with me! Hahaaha! Btw, I need those pictures whoever has them! 

It's the end of the night and we're outside Wardour waiting for an Addison Lee cab…

Time to bring out the space leggings again me thinks! Hahaha

Ok Vic, you are just well too hot for words! Hahaha!

And that's about it! What a crazy night! 

Jojo xXx