Friday, 31 October 2008

Swanky's Halloween Ball @ Amika!

Hello there all you beautiful partyers! It's Halloween!!! So me and my best friend Becky have decided to go to the great Swanky's Halloween Ball!!!

I went as a kitty cat.. Meoowwww!

Black Cat & Dark Angel

Beetlejuice and the Girls!

Becky Bennett

Larissa Summers and Becky Bennett

We LOVE Beetlejuice!

I want to eat her face! Hahaa!

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Welcome to:- THE CAGE!

Me and Becky showing off how much we love each other!

Not sure what we're doing here


Owww! Micheal Jackson doesn't get that high pitched 'ow' from nowhere ya know!!

Anthony and I

Me and Amir

Amir and Becky

Anthony and Me again!

I love how candid this picture is!!!

Hey look I got even smaller undies on under these!!!

Ooopsies! Now they're gone!

Lookie! I've found another Beetlejuice!

Lush! Becky shows off how flexible she is and I love it

Hmm.... There's something wrong with me face..

...... Oh that's right! Becky bum wasn't in it! Hahahahaa!!

Check out the Swanky's Video... you might just see us ;D

Swanky's Halloween Ball - youtube

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Tudors DVD Launch Party @ Chinawhites!

Hey guys! It's another glorious Wednesday night at Chinawhites and what do you know? It's a f**k'n Tudors Dvd Launch! *Yay* We love the Tudors, espescially the hunky Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill.

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Let me see fair maidens if you are beautiful enough to enter the splendour that is Chinawhites!

Let the banquet begin!!!

Becky and her bag of freeness!

Here we have my attempt at posing rather seductively...

Whilst Becky takes on a cuter approach...

Me and my best friend! Please note:- I am not talking about her "assests"!

... Ok you caught me, maybe I am! Raaaaaaaa!

I have a suspicion Becky was trying to blow a kiss to the camera, but something disrupted her pout!

Becky attempting to fool us that she is singing along to the heavenly music ...into her hairbrush!

The model decides to pose beside the blossoming flowers..
"If friend's were flowers, I'd surely pick you Becky" =)

Hercules pondering over the enlightening conversation!

..... whilst I get rather bored and decide to eat Hercules' tie !

Hercules gets a bit ghetto..

I'm lickin' her fringe!

Becky meets the lovely Lucy

Me and a random guy...

We LOVE our free DVD!

Thank you Chinawhites and The Tudors for one of the bestest nights ever =D

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Another Wednesday night at Chinawhites!

Here come the girls!!! Me, Becky and Mickey! =D Yay!

Mickey and I

Me and Becky

Me, Becky and Mickey

Me, Becky and Mickey

Becky sneekily trying to put on more lip gloss before we take any more pictures!

Oopsies we caught her!

Oh well! You want some too?

Becky exclaiming at the guy trying to take an underskirt shot. I am clearly unaware.

We're not impressed!


Not really sure what's going on here!

It is a bird? It is a plane? No it's Jojo dancing like a crazy!!!

Hello =D

Pictures courtesy of

Becky Bennett - Pictures courtesy of

Me and Fergie!

Mickey and Becky

Most girls stab each other in the back.... Becky on the other hand is just kneeing this one in the back... if she dares ruin her picture!!!

Oops! What a bum!

Me and Becky

Fergie and Hercules...

Back home with the beautiful Tinkerbell!

Tinkerbell loves her teddy!

So much so that she loves to hump her and give her a good bite! Hahaha!

Me and Becky at home in our pjs =D
Goodnight everyone!