Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Another Wednesday night at Chinawhites!

Here come the girls!!! Me, Becky and Mickey! =D Yay!

Mickey and I

Me and Becky

Me, Becky and Mickey

Me, Becky and Mickey

Becky sneekily trying to put on more lip gloss before we take any more pictures!

Oopsies we caught her!

Oh well! You want some too?

Becky exclaiming at the guy trying to take an underskirt shot. I am clearly unaware.

We're not impressed!


Not really sure what's going on here!

It is a bird? It is a plane? No it's Jojo dancing like a crazy!!!

Hello =D

Pictures courtesy of

Becky Bennett - Pictures courtesy of

Me and Fergie!

Mickey and Becky

Most girls stab each other in the back.... Becky on the other hand is just kneeing this one in the back... if she dares ruin her picture!!!

Oops! What a bum!

Me and Becky

Fergie and Hercules...

Back home with the beautiful Tinkerbell!

Tinkerbell loves her teddy!

So much so that she loves to hump her and give her a good bite! Hahaha!

Me and Becky at home in our pjs =D
Goodnight everyone!

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