Monday, 6 August 2007

Party Party @ Paper!

Paaaarty time at Paper! Yes yes, this is a super exciting time for me, because it's the first time, me and my precious Becksy have gone out, just us two! Yes we rule!

Me & Becky


Harry, Me, Waz & Becky

Beppa, Waz, Me, Leon & Becks..

I don't actually remember this pic being taken!

The lovely My Fasani there...

Oi Oi Becky & Cezer.. (is that how you spell his name? coz I duno!)

Yes Ms Bennett! 

I totally love shoesies! haha..

Not really sure who that is??

Boy were my feet killing at the end of this night.. Not sure how we got to this part of Paper, but we ended up dancing with some french guys and waiters! 

Waz with a big handful there!

How freckin' cute!

I lost my bambi earring, (which I made out of a necklace!) Booo! So I got a waiter to hold my hand while I tried to look for it while everyone was leaving, but I couldn't find it, so I met up with Becky outside Paper and we all ended up at some pizza joint in Leceister Square.. my feet man!!

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