Sunday, 26 August 2007

Waz 18th Birthday Party @ Paper!

Raaaaaaa!!! It's Waz's birthday at Paper today! But I don't really know him, so I was just going for the lovely free food and to show off my beautiful new dress... (which was lingerie btw) hehee! Check it out..

Puichi, some beautiful girls we just met, and my lovely Becksy!

Puichi, giving us a lovely pose there!

How much do you want Becks outfit??? (in the process of aquiring one now!! hahaha)

Girl, Puichi, Becks, Ed, and damn you Chas in the background!!!

Waz, Chas & Becks

HAHAHHAA!!! Leon being squashed by Waz's arse!!! 
 I love this pic!

My and my pout, girlie, and Becks 

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