Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Welcome to another night at Chinawhites!

................with your lovely Jojo and Becky! *Yay!*

Mickey, Becky, Me... and the twins heehee!


Me and Becky

I want to lick your face! It has alcohol on it! Hahaha!

Dave and Dean

Lookie it's Fergie and Hercules!

Yep... I have to have two drinkies

.... aaaaaand now they're gone!

Lookie it's Kareem! =D


So it's the end of another epic Chinawhites night... and where do we go to now? Well our hungry lil tummies say Balans of course!

Becky hitchin' a ride off Fergie, 'cause she's too lazy to walk to Balans!

Fergie testing out the aerodynamics of Becky's legs before taking off!

And now he's off! Oh I love this picture...!

This is me trying to get a picture of Fergie and Becky.....

The moral of the picture? - A Fergie with a Becky on his back is far too quick for me... with 6 inch heels on!!!

Fergie's bum!

Hercules has had enough!

Jeff and the lovely waiter from Balans! Don't you just adore Balans!

Me and Fergie. Awww!

Fergie and me =)

Back home.........

....with the beautiful Tinkerbell happy to so her Mummy and Auntie!

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