Friday, 5 September 2008

Becky Bennett's Website Launch Party @ Funky Buddha!

Hey Becky Bennett is finally launching her very own website!

If you'd like to view the video of the night check out the youtube video

So what better excuse do you need to party!! Here we all are at Funky Buddha, which I've never been before... and probably... most probably would never go again...

Cheryl, Becky Bennett, Mickey and Me! 

Cheryl, Becky Bennett, Mickey and Me! 
I think I have pineapple in my gob here!

Larissa, Victor and Becky!
Steve and George in the middle there! Photographers eh! Get them all together and all they can take about it their 'equipment'!

Tony - 'Magic Finger Dude'
"check these babies out!"

I managed to convince Mickey she was wearing too much, and she simply must take off her trousers!

Victor getting a massage!

What's this girlies?? Cheryl! I thought you were a good lil Christian girl?! 

Victor getting a massage!

The boys!
"You what? Are you filming this?!"
Becky looking hot!
Becky - "Woo! Dip me!!!"
Dance Baby!

Becky I think you need license for that bum of yours! It's making everyone sweaty! And gap!

The combats are back!! Steve - "Err, I don't remember you with those on earlier?!"
Oh yea!
Tony and Mickey!
Whoopsies! Partner change! No.1 had to adjust his clothing..
quotes nicked from Victor!

Steve - "Oh shit he's filming, better hide these magic fingers!"
Quotes nicked from Victor

I'm singing!!!
Oh yours are much better Vic!

Tony - "Well Cheryl's fallen asleep, what do I do now?? .. Maybe if I put this tiara on my knee... yes it kinda looks like a girl... give me a kissy!!"

Steve - "Oh shit! Please don't tell Becky I forgot to put the film in the camera"
Quotes stolen from the ever so witty Victor

Cheryl and Tony

Tony - "Ok well if you listen carefully, and you do your fingers like this"

Cheryl to Steve - "Psst, I think Tony has some sort of obsession with his own fingers!"

"See now you put the film bit here..."

Check out my magical fingers!

Charles - "Let me drink this before something bad happens to me!!!"
Me (I'm that hand on his leg) - "Er dude... that's vodka not water" 

Mickey - "Hey fairy princes... let me borrow your tiara too!" *mwah!*

"What! I'm totally not gay! This pink shirt is the height of fashion.... errr... and so is this fairy wand?!"

Victor - "Yea dude it's all about magic fingers!"

So sleepy Jojo!!! 
Steve - "Damn! I wasn't meant to make her fall asleep talking about my camera!"

Tony - "And right, these fingers yea..." 
Tony now trying to convince Mickey of his magical fingers!

"I thought he was your mate?!" "No he's not my mate, I thought he was your mate!!!" "Well I thought Becky invited him!"
Tony and Mickey.... And to this day we still don't know who this guy is...  

After a long night in Funky Buddha, it's off to Balans for a spot of brekkie! We all decide what to eat and make fun of how drunk, ghetto, and what we all remember! ....Whilst Cheryl decides to have her own meal and own bill... all by herself... Now readers, who else thinks that's not only a bit odd, but rude? ... Yea well I think it was rude too! See if you can guess where Cheryl is in the next episodes... (*hint* nowhere!!!)

And after all that food I need a little nap...

Look at me peacefully sleeping in a lovely restaurant!
"Arrghh!! Wtf is that!!" I thought whilst having Becky's toast shoved up my nose!

See what I have to put up with!!! 

Till next time folks! 
Love Muffin! xxx

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