Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The Night The Cookie Crumbled!

I know it's been  awhile since my last attempt of blogging my crazy nights out - (my myspace blog) but these last few nights out... well they're just too ridiculously fun to miss out on! So I'm back - with this all new blog! ... and I'm BAD!!! 'Cause... well... these nights out have been pretty bad!!! Hahaha! 

It all started out at our favourite haunt, yes it's Chinawhites our favouritest club of all time in the whole-wide-world forever! 

Ok, to get you all in the loop, this is our table at Chinawhites, if you ever go there, it's the one right at the back, next to Neons table... We love it!

I love my hair in this don't you? Not sure what Becky's doing... but I'm REALLY not sure what I'm doing with my hands!! Hahaha!! 

This my friends, is a picture ruined by Tony's finger, (he has a fetish for it or something) ... you will get used to random fingers our pictures!
Becky Bennett and good old friend Victor!
picture courtesy of

Becky making the most of her money makers!
TJ - obviously unable to take his eyes off of 'em!

Becky Bennett and Mickey 
Larissa Summers & Her Friend!

Becky Bennett and Victor
pictures courtesy of
Mickey and this guy with a huge afro, who like SOO COOL MAN!!
(starred in a Tescos clothing advert, how cool can you get?!)

Tony, the finger guy =)

Tony showing off his finger skills to a pretty lady...
(had to cut it out, it's too rude to appear on here!)

Ben! (I think)

Becky and Mickey! 

Larissa,  Becky and of course the lovely Mickey!

Antony, Mickey and Becky B

Oh Victor, what a looker you are!

TJ surrounded in kisses and boobs... what more can a guy ask for?

Me, Victor and Larissa =)

Anthony, Me and Tony
Tony - er.. what?!

Me and Antony

Not really impressed with the conversation now...

Becky's wondering if those are real guns! Hahaha!!

Becky, Larissa and of course Tony!
Victor and Larissa

I'm so sexy!!

Call me!!! 
I think this is wrong.

Still wrong.. 

Muffin is getting tired!!

TJ, Larissa and Becky

So now it's the end of the night, and I found my way at Larissa's flat, with TJ and Becky...  TJ proceeded to trick me with his kindness and made me a bacon sandwich... I was actually really nice.... but that's not the point! It sent me to sleepyland, and in my cute lil muffin way, I can sleep through anything... even this....

What I can't quite figure out is how he managed to do my entire nose, without me waking up at all!

Fast asleep Jojo!
Ping Pong !!

You know when your mates do naughty word on your forehead... why don't you try... EVERY SINGLE AREA of BARE SKIN!!

Poor lil Jojo!

Look at poor me! 

What nobody told me at the time, was that the whole flat is wired up like big brother and has cameras everywhere on a live feed on the internet - ( ... and not only that, but the best bits will be edited and shown in a show on December! Don't worry guys if I find out I'm in it, I'll let you all know when it's airing so you can all observe the mischievous little brains of TJ and Becky!!! 

Now I'm cream cracked! I got up to get ready to go downstairs to our cab... But on the huge mirror in the hallway I notice the huge 'CUNT' on my forehead... Hmm... I can't go into Becky's place like this, so find some face wash in the bathroom... The stuff on my legs can wait to the morning... See what lil muffin has to put up with! Damn me ability so sleep absolutely anywhere when I'm tired!!!

I hope you've enjoyed my little escapades! Stay tuned till next week for another account of my crazy night life!

All my love Muffin!!! 

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