Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Just another Wednesday night at Chinas!

It's Chinas night yet again, so me and Becky are partying with a lovely new blonde lady by the name of Ashleigh, who Becky recently meet on the Nuts Tv show "Make Me A Glamour Model". Check out the youtube clips here -

Me and Becky B!

Ashleigh and Me

Ashleigh protesting that she really is wearing underwear!!!

Ashleigh and Becky!

Me trying to pose without my boobies popping out! 

Becky the seductress!

I love my Becky! *lallaalaa!*

Becks and Ashleigh

Me, Becky and Ashleigh!

Becky and Ben

*mwah mwah* Girlies!

Becky's really really happy face! So happy it hurts! 

Becks, Ash and Me!

Becky and Ashleigh

The girls =)

Me and Beckys famous behind!

Ooo! Becky's 'Naughty' Knickers!

Becky and Ashleigh again..

Ahhhh! It's TJ!!!

Let me grab on to you Ash instead!



Meanwhile... in the next room we all try our hand at posing whilst drunk... bear in mind we are all experienced models....

Me... getting ready to pose...

Becky - "Oooh! Trying to shoot up my skirt!"

I don't even know what we're trying to do!

Me - "Maybe if I put my arm here..."
Me still trying to figure out how to pose!

No wait!!! I'm still not ready!

Ok finally...! I done it =) Aren't you all proud of me! 

I love this pic, what is going on!

Dean Gaffney - "Oh right the cameras there is it?"

It's the magic finger dude again....

Becky and Victor
Victors blatantly thinking... "oh no! I hope she doesn't start terrorising me!"

Becky and Luke... is his name Luke? I forgot his name whilst writing this... so if it's not Luke... sorry Luke! But at least I know you were on Hollyoaks! Haha!

Becky and Luke again!

The boys!

Naughty Becky and Tony!

The magic fingers at work again!

Tony - "Smell my finger"

Me and Becky checking Victor hasn't broken his alcohol fast!

Becky thinking - "mwahahaha! It's my turn to ruin you picture with my trouble fingers!!"

Victor looking very happy here! I think I got confused as to where to look!

The whole gang!

"Ahhh! The light is too bright for me!"

Luke and Dave!

So after Chinas, where else do we go? The British Luxury Club of course!

This is me trying to take a picture of me and Becky! But yea... couldn't get the angle right... Shortly afterwards in TRUE Jojo stylee I fall asleep.... unfortunately we don't have footage or any evidence of this, but... ok well picture the guy on the train, that's falling asleep after a long days work and you watching him slowly sway, and nod, and sway and eventually lazily, clumsily resting on the passenger beside him... Ok well picture that, but me, in a swanky club... and with nothing to stop my fall! 

Til we meet again! =) (in Chinas!)

Lots of Love
Muffinster!! xxx